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17 September 2018

ARMZ Today

JSC Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., the Rosatom’s mining division) is the successor of the world’s largest uranium mining conglomerate build in the Soviet Union, celebrates its first 10th anniversary in 2017.

  • The company manages Russian uranium mining assets, represented in the Trans-Baikal Territory (Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union, PJSC), the Republic of Buryatia (JSC Khiagda), Kurgan region (JSC Dalur).
  • It possesses unique competencies and carries out the entire spectrum of works ranging from geological prospecting, trials and design works to reclamation and decommissioning of production facilities;
  • It is implementing a number of non-uranium projects: the construction of an integrated lead and zinc concentrates plant in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, pre-production scandium mining, pyrite cinders processing etc.

ARMZ Uranium Holding also comprises companies currently being designed - JSC The First Ore Mining Company, JSC Elkon MMP, JSC Lunnoye, Gornoe UMC.

A significant contribution to the Holding’s business is made by subsidiary companies - ARMZ Service LLC, JSC RUSBURMASH, JSC VNIPIpromtechnologii and LLC United Uranium Plants.

The core business of ARMZ is the production of natural uranium.

The stable positions of ARMZ in the uranium market are secured by the strong demand for the products from the Russian nuclear industry, a diversified mineral resources and production base and by systemic work to improve business efficiency. They are further strengthened by favorable outlook for nuclear energy on a global scale: its development will contribute to the growth of demand for uranium in the medium and long term.

The company is also actively developing its non-uranium lines of business (both those related to the maintenance of core activities and new ones). The servicing activities include the production of heat and electric power, sulfuric acid, mining equipment (Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union, PJSC), drilling and geological exploration support (JSC RUSBURMASH), engineering and scientific research (JSC VNIPIpromtechnologii). Consumers of these products and services are the enterprises of the Mining Division, other organizations of the Rosatom State Corporation and external partners (Russian and foreign companies).

As part of the launch of new business lines, production of scandium products (in the form of high-purity scandium oxide) was started on the site of JSC Dalur in 2017. The company has stepped up its work on expanding the portfolio of raw materials which enjoy demand in the nuclear industry and with external partners. In 2017, the Rosatom State Corporation approved the Division’s strategic initiatives in the field of development of the production of rare metals (titanium, lithium, etc.).

ARMZ also continues to assess the potential of promising markets and develop projects and initiatives related to entering these markets. Their inclusion in the perimeter of information disclosure will be implemented as appropriate projects and initiatives are implemented.

JSC Atomredmetzoloto is a member of the World Nuclear Association (World Nuclear Association). 

In 2014, in accordance with the amendments that came into force provided by Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 05.05.2014 "On Amendments to Chapter 4 of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and on the Repeal of Certain Provisions of the Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", OJSC Atomredmezoloto was renamed into JSC (joint-stock company) Atomredmetzoloto.

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