Sustainable development

06 August 2018


ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.’s environmental policy is based on principles of rational use of natural resources and maximal preservation of the environment.

The primary goals of the environmental policy at the facilities managed by the Holding are:

  • Developing and implementing measures to minimize the negative impact on the environment;
  • Preserving the natural environment in areas of industrial activity, soil reclamation;
  • Lowering the volumes of polluted industrial waste water and hazardous substances released;
  • Using natural resources in a rational manner;
  • Constantly monitoring the environment.

All facilities constituting ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. are equipped with control systems aimed at ensuring radiation, environmental, and industrial safety, and have modern nuclear- and radiation-, as well as environmental-safety laboratories. The equipment in the latter not only constantly controls waste discharged into the environment but also monitors the levels of hazardous substances at industrial facilities and the corresponding sanitary protection zones.

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. has developed a long-term plan that aims to ensure ecological safety and environmental protection at the locations of its subsidiaries.

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