Sustainable development

06 August 2018

Social responsibility

Social capital management and building partner relations in the regions of our presence are parts of the Ore Mining Division’s strategy. One of the main principles of the ARMZ Uranium Holding’s activity is its sensitivity to the society’s needs, participation in the social and economic development of regions in which the Holding carries out its operations, establishing business-friendly environments, good labor conditions, social and spiritual well-being of the populace.

In that regard the company strives to ensure sustainable development of its business, paying particular attention not only to its economic aspect, but also to its environmental and social matters.

ARMZ considers its contribution to sustainable social development  one of its permanent strategic priorities. ARMZ aims to pay significant attention to its communications with local authorities, public and environmental organizations, education bodies in the regions of its presence. Being a socially responsible company, ARMZ acknowledges that its sustainable development contributes to the well being of regions and territories of its presence.

The Holding makes significant impact on the tax revenues in the territories of its operations. Making tax contributions, creating decently paying jobs, establishing charity programs: all of that defines the Holding’s influence on the regions of its presence.

ARMZ implements a responsible environmental policy, which gives priority to preservation of natural ecosystems; mandatory use of cutting-edge scientific advances and ensuring environmental safety, transparency and accessibility of information pertaining the environmental aspects of the Company’s operations to the general public.

Key approaches to sustainable development

Sustainable development is intrinsically linked to the steps taking to ensure corporate social responsibility, improve quality of life for our employees and their families, assist in sustained development of the regions and increase in prosperity of the people populating the regions where the Company carries out its operations.

Contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

ARMZ supports all the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN and aims to make a meaningful contribution to those most in line with the specifics of its business operations.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Company’s Contribution

Affordable and Clean Energy

ARMZ occupies the first process stage of the NFC; natural raw materials produced by the Holding, are used to manufacture higher-grade uranium products and nuclear fuel for NPPs. The nuclear energy’s share in the country’s total power distribution is increasing. The low cost of nuclear energy ensures stiff competition for other types of power generating plants. It depends, among other factors, on the cost of raw materials.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Social capital management and building partner relations in the regions of our presence are parts of ARMZ’ sustainable development policy. ARMZ strives to make it’s employees’ achievements recognized and valued accordingly. The Company is convinced that additional social protection measures offered to its employees will make them feel comfortable, and as a result, the Company offers its staff full social protection packages according to the law, as well as an opportunity to make use of additional social benefits.

Infrastructure investments are also an important aspect of the Holding’s social responsibility. As the Holding companies operate in different regions of the Russian Federation (the Kurgan Region, the Republic of Buryatia, the Trans-Baikal Territory), ARMZ considers the possible social and economic ramifications of any decisions made and communicates closely with all interested parties.

Responsible Consumption and Production

One of ARMZ’ priority goals is ensuring satisfaction of the end consumers of rw uranium The Company promotes integration of more sustainable solutions into its supply chain. ARMZ constantly monitors its clients’ short term and long term demand for raw uranium, and reacts promptly to their requests and expectations. We improve our products’ quality by by optimizing the finished goods’ warehousing and transportation systems.

ARMZ also supports the requirements to cut the consumption and processing of natural resources.

Life on Land

When it comes to environment, ARMZ’ major strategic goals are preservation of ecosystems and rational use of natural resources in the places where minerals are being extracted. Principles of ARMZ’ Environmental Policy include decreasing the negative impact of its operations on the environment.

ARMZ also prioritizes development of innovative technologies. During the last decades of the primary industry’s development, the share of environmentally friendly and cost effective in situ leaching method has increased in the nuclear industry.

 The Ore Mining Division also makes direct contributions to achieving other SDGs.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensuring availability and rational use of water and sanitation by all people.


Innovation and Infrastructure

Creating stable infrastructure, making a contribution to comprehensive and sustainable industry and innovation.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Ensuring openness, safety, robustness and environmental stability of cities and communities.

Life below Water

Preservation and rational use of oceans, seas and aquatic resources in the context of sustainable development.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Assisting in building a peaceful and open society aimed toward sustainable development, providing access to justice for all people and creation of effective, responsible and extensively participatory institution at every level.

The rest of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are not related to the Ore Mining Division’s operations. However, the Company supports them and makes contributions toward them, commensurate to its own abilities.

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