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17 September 2018

160 Miners at PJSC PIMCU Get Awards on Nuclear Industry Worker Day

29 September 2017

An assembly followed by a gala concert were held in Dauria Community Center. Victor Svyatetskiy, First Deputy Director General, Executive Director of JSC Atomredmetzoloto in his message to those present, said: “Uranium miners of PJSC PIMCU provide the necessary raw materials to the entire atomic industry of Russia, being the first link in the chain of producing nuclear fuel. There is not a single product in Rosatom State Corporation that would not include the natural uranium, prospected by the miners of the Corporation. Your excellent professionalism, sense of duty and perseverance will help you achieve significant results in the future.”

Alexander Glotov, Director General of the company, thanked his colleagues for conscientious efforts: “There’s hardly a job more responsible and more complex than that of the people in the atomic industry. Our profession requires professionalism, but it equally requires excellent personal qualities. We have everything it takes to implement new large-scale projects: a powerful research and development potential, modern production facilities, highly qualified personnel and invaluable experience.”

Other speakers who offered their congratulations at the meeting included First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Zabaikalsky Krai Alexander Kulakov, Head of the Krasnokamensky district Alexey Zammoyev and Chairman of the District Council Boris Kolesaev, Head of Krasnokamensk Yuri Didenko and Chairman of the City Council Nikolay Nekrasov. They presented awards to the best workers of the enterprise for their excellent performance and great results. The badge “For Contribution to the Atomic Industry” was presented to Vladimir Khlybov, head of the Mechanical Assembly Unit of the Repair and Mechanics Plant, Vladimir Khaustov, shift foreman at Mine No. 1, Oleg Efimov, chargeman at Mine No. 8, Chief Energy Engineer of the Repair and Mechanics Plant Sergey Shaklov. Other top performers received commendation letters from Rosatom Corporation, thank-you letters from the General Director of “ATOMREDMETZOLOTO” JSC, commendations of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly of Zabaikalsky Krai, and gifts from authorities of the city and the district.

Creative performances were presented between the official messages. The performance was put together by Dauria Community Center, the winds orchestra of Borzya Military Unit and Poisk Ensemble of the Border Guards in Priargunsk. The concert completed with an anthem of Atomic Industry Professionals, performed by Siran Agasarov, soloist of Dauria Community Center.

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