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13 August 2018

Representative Delegation of Kazatomprom National Atomic Company (Kazakhstan) Visits Dalur

5 December 2017

Experts from Russia and Kazakhstan exchanged experience in managing the development of uranium deposits using ISL technology.

Dalur, JSC is an acknowledged leader in implementing information technologies, in particular, the geological and mathematical modeling system designed for deposits under development. The software package developed for the enterprise with the help of Seversk Technological Institute of MEPhI National Research Nuclear University allows a quicker decision making in the analysis and forecast of field development, geological modeling and mining works planning. “The system makes it possible to full automate the geological and geotechnological data processing, provide on-line access to any geotechnological information and determine the optimal panel mining modes”, Nikolay Poponin, Director General of Dalur, JSC, told his colleagues.

“Given our huge production volumes, a system like this would be in a very high demand. In addition to producing a significant economic effect, it allows improving the production technology and, as a result, achievement of a significant environmental effect”, Yuri Vazhinskiy, department head at NAC Kazatomprom, said.

Environmental aspects of the development of uranium deposits became a separate topic for discussion between experts from Russia and Kazakhstan. “In our country, many uranium mines are being developed in the basin of the main waterway of the south of Kazakhstan - the Syr Darya. Historically, in these areas, for example, in Kzyl-Orda, rice growing is also developing. We extract uranium virtually between rice paddies flooded in water, and never once did a drop of PR solutions fall onto the agricultural land”, Yuri Vazhinskiy said.

Representatives of Dalur, JSC shared their experience of the development of the territory of presence. In particular, a new school has been built in the village of Uksyanskoe, a gym has been opened; tax revenues allow constant improvement of the quality of life in the village, for example, repairing roads.   

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