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17 September 2018

New Uranium Mine No. 6 of PIMCU, PJSC Surveying Operations Launched to Prepare Construction Site

14 February 2018

Surveyors of the Engineering and Geodetic Office (EGO) of PIMCU, PJSC, arrived to the future construction site for the first facility of the Mine No. 6 – the Main Step-Down Substation (MSDS). They are marking the construction site boundaries.

Elena Myadelets, the EGO’s Head: “After the preparatory work, we will carry out the facility layout at the site: setting out the design coordinates on the terrain. Then, we will support the substation’s construction. We have everything we need for high quality of engineering and geodetic survey: high-qualified specialists and modern electronic devices. I’m very happy that today, as well as 50 years ago, in the years when our city was born in the Argun steppe, such an ambitious construction project has been started with geodetic works”.

The total area of the MSDS site is 3,510 sq.m. In addition to the basic equipment, there will be power lines. Recall that the building this facility for electric power supply of the construction site and, later, the Mine No. 6 itself on a permanent basis, is scheduled in February. The equipment of the Main Step-Down Substation has already begun to arrive at PIMCU’s warehouses. The contractors selected during competitive procedures will arrive to the construction site after the air temperature rises.

Implementation of the investment project named “The Development of the Argunskoye and Zherlovskoye Deposits (Construction of the Mine No. 6)” will allow to consistently provide the nuclear industry with strategic raw materials, to promote the development of Krasnokamensk, the second largest city in the Transbaikal Territory, and to preserve jobs at the country’s largest uranium mining enterprise. The mineable reserves of the Argunskoye and Zherlovskoye Deposits of the Streltsovskoye ore field are about 40 thous. tons of uranium (35% of the total reserves of PIMCU, PJSC). The average content of the strategic metal therein is higher than in other existing mines, that allows to guarantee the competitive production cost.

The Mine’s first stage must be commissioned in 2023, thus allowing for the country’s largest uranium mining enterprise not to stop the supply of strategic metal to the Russian nuclear industry.

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