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17 September 2018

The 50th Anniversary of PIMCU Is Being Celebrated in Krasnokamensk

21 February 2018

A celebratory concert took place in the “uranium capital” of Russia on the day of issue of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on construction of an industrial complex on the basis of Streltsovskaya group of uranium deposits.

Using a teleconference system the senior management of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. congratulated from Moscow mine workers, hydrometallurgists, representatives of all occupations who work now and who have worked earlier in the Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU). Director General of Atomredmetzoloto, JSC, Vladimir Verkhovtsev pointed out vast merits of veterans in establishment and development of the enterprise: “The Order of the Red Banner of Labour and the Order of Lenin on the banner of PIMCU is a high estimate of your labour by such powerful country as the Soviet Union was. Our hats off to you for your selfless labour; for the fact that you have managed to construct and arrange the most powerful manufacturing complex for mining and processing of uranium ore. At the present time we have a task not only to preserve the enterprise and the city, but also to provide new prospects of long-term development, and construct Mine No. 6.”

Chairperson of the Council of Veterans of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. Nikolay Petrukhin recalled the tight deadlines which were established for erection of the industrial giant and Krasnokamensk and noted heroic labour of the pioneers.

Director General of PIMCU Aleksandr Glotov emphasized: “It is symbolic that the further development and new prospects of the Union and the city became a real thing in the very anniversary year. These days we come up to construction of Mine No. 6. The geodesists have already been working at the construction site, machinery and mechanisms arrive just today, supply of equipment has started. The decision on construction of the Mine was made by the first person of our state – the President of Russia. As 50 years ago everyone understands how important is our work for provision of nuclear and energy security of the Motherland.”

Chairperson of the Council of Veterans of PIMCU Viktor Telyatnikov remembered that 50 years ago many people didn’t like forestless and waterless plain, stormy winds hindering the work. “But for the past years many people loved the sunny spaces and clear sky of Zabaikalye so much that they stay there even after retirement,” the veteran said.

Head of Krasnokamensk Yury Didenko and head of the district Aleksey Zammoev also congratulated the city people.

On-stage performance groups of Stroitel Culture Centre and Dauria Culture Centre (Puls, Plastilin, Kaleydoskop, Sozvezdie, Ogonki choreographic ensembles), Rodniki Zabaikalya song and dance ensemble, vocalists Siran Agasarov and Irina Kohanskaya, Sir Music song studio took participation in the two-hour concert. Colourful palette of dances, bright stage costumes, mastership of vocalists, and elaborate selection of the repertoire filled the celebration with special proud for the enterprise. As the announcers noted, half a century of achievements is behind, and beautiful future is ahead.

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