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17 September 2018

Construction of the Ninth Horizon Has Started in Mine No. 8 of PIMCU, PJSC

5 March 2018

The shaft inset and bypass entry of 14- shaft have been passed at a depth of 600 meters; sinking at 14 "RESH" shaft has started. The total length of the horizon amounts to 3 km.

“We will go by the counter headways in order to cut the period of preparation of the 9th horizon. The team of Aleksey Vikulov works there which perfectly proved itself when implementing high-speed sinking,” Andrey Ryazanov, Head of the Sinking Department of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU), said.

According to the schedule, drifting operations will end in two years. “Well-timed putting of new stopes into operation will allow us to maintain the volume of output of uranium necessary for Rosatom up to the launch of new mine No. 6,” Director General of PIMCU Aleksandr Glotov emphasized.

According to the estimates of the PIMCU geologists, mining of the ninth horizon will allow sending 2 thousand tons of strategic metal for enrichment.

It should be noted that sinking at the ninth horizon of Mine No. 8 is an important component of Optimization of Penetrating of Deposits Project. Its essence is to increase the height of the level between the horizons in Mine No. 8 by 30 m, from 60 to 90. Last year this system was successfully implemented: the height of the level between the sixth horizon 6 and horizon 7 put into operation amounted 90 m precisely.

The efficient penetrating system will allow reducing the expenses for development of the mine by an amount of 1.5 bln roubles. Further it is planned to apply this system when developing Mine No. 6 where the height of the level will amount to 120 m. Increase of the height of the level allows reducing terms and expenses for construction of mines which provides, in its turn, well-timed preparation of the extraction front for fulfilment of the medium-term program of uranium ore production.

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